Laura Howard, VirtualSC Teacher of the Year


Congratulations to Laura Howard for being selected as VirtualSC’s 2014 Online Teacher of the Year!  Laura currently serves as a science teacher and the science team leader with VirtualSC.  She is National Board Certified and holds a B.S. in Biology and a M.A.T. in Science.  Laura was chosen as VirtualSC’s Online Teacher of the Year because of her many accomplishments in online teaching.   Her commitment to student success, her advocacy for the efficacy of online learning,  and  her expertise in delivering exceptional online instruction are just some of the reasons why she was selected.  In response to the question of what she enjoys most about teaching online, Laura asserts,

I really enjoy helping people–helping people meet goals, helping people find hope in hopeless situations, helping people find a way to smile when that seems impossible…  In the online environment, I am able to maximize my time helping students who need assistance…  In this environment, I can help kids whenever they need it.

Through her use of virtual labs, simulations, online tutorials, etc., it is evident that helping students is exactly what Laura does. Additionally, she continually contributes positively to the VirtualSC community by mentoring new teachers, presenting at professional development sessions, and revising and developing courses.  In all she does for her students and for the program, Laura exhibits passion, dedication and professionalism.

That same passion and dedication is evident in her family life.  Laura is actively involved in the church for which her husband is pastor–singing in the choir, planning church activities, and working with various youth programs.  She also serves as committee chair for her son’s Cub Scout pack in Florence, SC., an activity that gives her the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

In explaining what she loves most about teaching with VirtualSC, Laura affirms, “I really enjoy the people I am working for and working with.  I have learned so much from the teachers around me and I am consistently encouraged and challenged by my administration.”  She further states, “at VirtualSC, every individual student matters and we are given the time and resources to help our kids find success.” With sentiments like this, it is no wonder that Laura Howard was selected as VirtualSC’s 2014 Online Teacher of the Year.


  • February 18, 2015
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Jason Rodgers is the Technology Coordinator for VirtualSC.

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