VirtualSC School Sponsor Enrollment

VirtualSC (VSC) is a supplementary online learning program that partners with "sponsoring" public schools, private schools, home schools and adult education programs to serve South Carolina students in online courses for high school credit. As a supplementary program, VirtualSC provides courses and instruction to SC students.  All other educational responsibilities, including transcripts, records retention, special education services, diplomas etc, remain the responsibility of the sponsor school. VSC does not currently charge tuition to South Carolina students.

A district, school, adult education program or homeschooling parent that wishes to become a sponsor must be registered with VSC. The sponsor can set up an account by completing the form below.

To be registered as a VSC sponsor, the district, school, adult education program or homeschooling parent must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Have in place a program of studies that leads to a diploma.
  2. Comply with the policies governing online courses established by VSC. The most recent copies of each policy can be found on the VSC Program Guidelines and Policies page.
  3. Identify the individual(s) who will advise the student regarding courses he or she will need to earn a diploma.
  4. Identify the individual who will assist the student in resolving any technology issues that may arise.

All registered VSC sponsors must fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. Approve students for appropriate courses by ensuring the following:
    • Their students need the course for high school graduation.
    • Necessary IEPs and 504 plans and accommodations documents are provided upon the registration of a student in a VSC course.
    • Their students are enrolled at the correct level, i.e., college preparatory, advance placement, and credit recovery.
    • Their students are not currently taking the courses at their physical schools.
    • Their students are not enrolled in any initial credit courses for which they already have a unit of credit.
    • The only students enrolled in credit recovery courses have taken the AP, Honors or CP course and received a failing grade.
    • Their students have access to the technology resources required to successfully complete a VSC course.
  1. Monitor the student's work, progress, and grade while the student is participating in the program.
  2. Maintain the VSC sponsor account with up-to-date personnel and contact information.
    • Schools will provide the name and contact information of one staff or faculty member who is to serve as the VSC contact during summer months.
    • Schools will ensure that students requiring accommodations while taking a VSC course during summer months have access to the necessary resources, and can provide a contact person who will handle any accommodations issues that arise.
  1. Ensure that the final examination for each initial credit course is conducted in an appropriately proctored environment. Proctors must be a South Carolina certified teacher, media specialist, school counselor or administrator.
  2. Notify VSC if a student withdraws or is removed from the sponsor school.
  3. Record the VSC course on the student’s high school transcript and award high school credit based on the grade issued by VSC. VSC reserves the right to request the audit of sponsor records through the South Carolina Department of Education.

A sponsor will forfeit the right to enroll students with VirtualSC if it fails to abide by these requirements and responsibilities.

(Last Updated 8.11.2016)