Home School Enrollment Information

VirtualSC is a course supplemental program through the South Carolina Department of Education that offers online courses to South Carolina students in grades 6-12. All students wishing to take courses through our program must be enrolled in or be a member of a public school, a private school, an adult education program, or homeschooling association in South Carolina.

Homeschooling and VirtualSC

All home school students requesting courses with VirtualSC must belong to one of the three homeschooling options. as determined by S.C. Code Ann 59-65. For more general information regarding homeschooling in South Carolina, please visit the South Carolina Department of Education's Homeschooling Website.

Steps For Enrollment:

  1. Create an account for your home school student.
    • On the School Information part of the form you will choose:
      • District: Home School
      • School: Home School
      • Counselor: Jennifer Wagner-Diehl (VirtualSC home school liaison)
  2. Once the account is created, you must submit the Proof of Affiliation form.
  3. When registration begins, log into the student’s account and request the course(s).
  4. The home school liaison will check the course requests of students and approve them if an up-to-date proof of affiliation is submitted.