Credit Recovery

 IMPORTANT UPDATE (4.17.2019):

Credit recovery courses are mastery-based. Student’s progress through the course by demonstrating mastery of content and/or skills. Grades required to demonstrate mastery on individual activities are detailed in each course. Students must complete and master the entire course, including all benchmark tests, to be issued a final grade.

Students who successfully complete a credit recovery course will be assigned a non-numeric grade of Complete: Pass. Schools should record credit recovery grades on student transcripts as described in the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy.



What are credit recovery courses?

Credit recovery courses are self-paced courses that target learning in areas of greatest weakness, allowing students to rapidly complete courses, recover credits, and progress to graduation.

Who is eligible to take credit recovery courses?

Eligibility rules vary from district to district, so all students interested in credit recovery courses should contact their school counselors to verify their eligibility to take a credit recovery course.

Regardless of district, a student must have failed the initial credit course for the credit recovery course they intend to take. For example, a student who intends to take Credit Recovery Chemistry must have previously taken and failed Chemistry.

Keep in mind that external factors such as the grade with which the student failed the course and the student’s number of absences may affect eligibility in your district. Eligibility for credit recovery courses with VirtualSC is based on the student’s eligibility within the district of their sponsor school.

I am an athlete hoping to play college level and going through the NCAA Clearinghouse. Are VirtualSC credit recovery courses right for me?

Credit recovery courses are not approved by the NCAA.

What will my grade be after taking a credit recovery course?

The final grade a student receives after taking a credit recovery course will be either Complete-Pass or Complete-Fail. Students that successfully complete a VirtualSC Credit Recovery course will receive a Complete-Pass status on their grade report. Students that do not complete a VirtualSC Credit Recovery course by the end of the courses' semester will receive the status Complete-Fail on their grade report. Numerical progress reports and final grade reports are not available for our mastery-based Credit Recovery courses.

When can I start a credit recovery course?

Credit Recovery courses operate on a modified rolling enrollment basis during the fall, spring and summer sessions, with classes starting the Monday after the course has been approved online by the sponsor school’s counselor.

Please review the VirtualSC Dates and Deadlines for more information on Credit Recovery scheduling.