Current Course Offerings

One of the goals of VirtualSC is to develop and deliver standards-based, student-centered online instruction to expand educational opportunities for South Carolina students and improve the state's on-time graduation rate.

VirtualSC offers courses in grades 6-12, based on enrollment data and requests from districts/schools. In addition, courses are offered at the Advanced Placement (AP), Honors (H) and College Preparatory (CP) levels. Students may also take credit recovery courses to recover credit in courses they failed. VSC courses are aligned to the state and national standards. 

Enrollment is first-come, first-served with priority being given to seniors. Students are encouraged to register early; however, on-time registration for a course does not guarantee placement in the course. Once a VSC course is complete, students will be issued a grade, and the sponsor school will award high school credit and add the course to the transcript.

 To view the full list of VirtualSC courses and their syllabi click on the Course Catalog button.  To view important program dates and deadlines, such as registration dates and course start and end dates, click the Dates & Deadlines button.


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To access the pacing guides for a specific teacher's course, click on the Course Offerings button, and in the Course Name column click on the name of the course to view the Pacing Guides Folder.

Note: Please know that we work hard to provide you the most up-to-date course offerings list; however, at times changes are made to the course offerings list.  We suggest you print the list one week prior to course registration opening for the most accurate information and check this page often for the most recent course offerings information.