Withdraw/Drop Information

Students taking initial credit courses may withdraw within the first fourteen (14) days of class without a grade being issued. In addition, students will be automatically withdrawn from a course for inactivity within the first fourteen (14) days.  Please review the VirtualSC Withdraw/Drop Policy for more information.

Students taking initial credit courses may not withdraw from a course after the first fourteen (14) days. The last days for students to withdraw from a course are, by session:

Spring Session (14-week and yearlong courses): February 6th

Spring Session (Fast Track): March 13th

Summer Session: June 19th

Please note that student-based drop requests must be approved by their School Counselor. A student may submit a withdrawal request to their counselor through the Dashboard, or the counselor can submit the withdrawal request on behalf of the student. To withdraw from a course, please review the tutorials below:

Student Withdrawal Submission - Please note that with this option, the drop request must be approved by the counselor in the Dashboard before the drop is actually processed.

Counselor Withdrawal Submission and/or Approval