How Does VirtualSC Work?

VirtualSC is a supplementary online learning program, sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education. We offer free online courses to students in grades 6-12 that are already enrolled in, and sponsored by a South Carolina public, private or homeschool, or those enrolled in an Adult Education Program.

Our program does not have a daily attendance requirement and you can take an unlimited number of our courses, as long as they are approved by your sponsor school. The courses are available 24/7 during each semester, so you can complete your VirtualSC coursework at times that fits your schedule. We have over eighty (80) options for high school credit that are offered in either a fall, spring, summer or yearlong session (please check the course descriptions for more information).

At this time, VirtualSC is not a diploma-granting program; credits earned through VirtualSC courses will be recorded on an official transcript by your sponsoring school.


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