Advanced Placement®

Advanced Placement classes give students an opportunity to take college-level courses and exams while still in high school.

VirtualSC is committed to providing opportunities for South Carolina students that will help them acquire the knowledge, skills and characteristics necessary for college and career readiness.  Advanced Placement ® courses are a great way to get started toward earning college credit while in high school.

Advanced Placement at VirtualSC

AP courses are college-level courses offered to high school students.  Students who earn a qualifying score on the College Board AP Exam may be eligible to receive college credit and/or earn placement into advanced courses in college.  VirtualSC offers a variety of AP courses to public, private, and home school students in South Carolina at no cost.  

AP Enrollment Dates

In order for students to successfully complete AP course(s) prior to AP exams in May, courses are offered in a yearlong format.  Students seeking an AP course will need to register during the Fall registration dates.  Specific dates for registration can be found on the Dates & Deadlines information page.

AP Course Offerings

(AP courses are approved by the College Board.)

Course Name Subject Area Duration Syllabus
AP Biology Science Yearlong (two semesters)
AP Calculus AB Mathematics Yearlong (two semesters)
AP Computer Science A Computer Science Yearlong (two semesters)
AP English Language and Composition English Yearlong (two semesters)
AP English Literature and Composition English Yearlong (two semesters)
AP European History Social Studies Yearlong (two semesters)
AP Statistics Mathematics Yearlong (two semesters)
AP United States History Social Studies Yearlong (two semesters)
AP Art History Fine Arts Yearlong (two semesters)
AP Latin-Vergil World Languages Yearlong (two semesters)