VirtualSC Mission & Core Values

VirtualSC strives to provide South Carolina students with a high quality online educational option while keeping students at the center of every decision made.  

MISSION: To provide all South Carolina students with flexible and rigorous supplemental online learning opportunities that will empower them to reach their college or career readiness goals.


  1. Student centered
  2. Quality
  3. Equity
  4. Collaborative partnerships
  5. Accountability & Transparency
  6. Continuous improvement


  1. Focus on the individual success of each student and tailor courses/instruction to students’ educational needs.
  2. Provide students with access to Advanced Placement™ and specialized courses, which may not be offered at their traditional brick and mortar school in order to promote educational equality.
  3. Provide an alternative to students who may not be able to complete their high school education without access to flexible options, i.e. students with children, students with mitigating work schedules/circumstances, students with disabilities or medical issues, etc.
  4. Provide credit recovery courses for students.
  5. Provide students with a 21st century education to make them competitive in the workforce after their high school graduation or in their pursuit of a degree from a higher education institution.