Virtual Learning Solutions for Schools

VirtualSC offers schools in South Carolina custom solutions to help you meet the needs of your diverse student population.

Explore the options below to determine which options are right for you.

Virtual Learning Labs (VLLs)

With a Virtual Learning Lab, VirtualSC provides both the standards-aligned online curriculum and a highly-qualified, SC licensed instructor to work with a whole class of your students.  

To learn more about starting a VLL, click on the "Learn More" button below.


Franchise Program

The Franchise Program allows you to expand your online course curriculum to address the unique challenges of your district using your own teachers.  VirtualSC will provide the technology, curriculum, and training to help start your own program.  

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Elementary Keyboarding

VirtualSC offers an online Keyboarding resource for students in grades 3-6.  This resource gives you everything that you need to provide instruction to elementary students, so that they can begin to learn to type at a younger age.  

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Skills Recovery

VirtualSC now offers free English language arts (ELA) and math skills recovery resources to middle and high schools.  These resources can be used for a few students or a classroom of students.


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 Elementary Content

VirtualSC now offers free modular Elementary courses for math and social studies.

Teachers and/or parents can use these SC standard-aligned courses in any way that suits the needs of their students.

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