Elementary Keyboarding

The Elementary Keyboarding resource gives you everything that you need to provide Keyboarding instruction to elementary students.

Through the expressed needs and inquiries by districts and schools across the state, VirtualSC realized the need for a keyboarding program offered statewide. The Elementary Keyboarding Program supports personalized and customized education for every student through an online choice option for keyboarding instruction.
The primary objectives of the Elementary Keyboarding Project are:

  • To provide instruction in alphabetic keyboarding to students in grades K-6.
  • To provide instruction and practice in navigation through online open educational resources and activities.
  • To provide opportunity for students to compose paragraphs, short answers, or essay responses at the keyboard in a timely manner from writing prompts provided in the course.


TypeTastic School Edition for South Carolina Elementary Keyboarding Program

The makers of Typing Quest have been developing a new product, TypeTastic School Edition, with a new management tool specifically with districts in mind.

TypeTastic introduces better tools for user management, such as:

  • Improved district management with the ability to add and manage an unlimited number of schools
  • Easy school management with all essential data including classes and teachers in one place
  • New district admin and school admin roles
  • Improved privacy layers
  • Advanced reporting
  • Clever integration
  • Google SSO integration (Fall 2020)
  • ClassLink integration (in Progress)

Contact Sharon Dublin at (803) 734-3160 or swdublin@ed.sc.gov for more information.