5 Strategies for Success in eLearning

By VirtualSC’s Student Advisory Board

Like many students in South Carolina, the members of VirtualSC’s Student Advisory Board experienced a spring 2019 semester unlike any other! The advantage that these students had is the experiences they have had in completing online courses in previous semesters. Our team of Student Advisors have gathered their top strategies for success in an eLearning environment with the hopes that their tips will help other students enrolled in online courses:

Tip #5: Use the Technology to Your Advantagecomputer-with-flowers

Stay organized by bookmarking important websites in categorized folders for easy access! – Tessa R.

Consider developing healthy habits & tracking your progress in a habit tracker. Developing healthy habits will increase willpower & make you feel productive & good about yourself! – Tessa R.

Tip #4: Communicate!

Contact your teachers! When taking an online course it is important to reach out to your teachers when you have questions, comments, or concerns and even if you don’t have any of these, just reach out to them to build a healthy teacher-student relationship. – Clifford B.

Stay on top of your work! If you know there might be a conflict, let your admins know so that you can work something out to get your work done and still be caught up. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your admins. We’re all in trying times right now and everyone is still adapting to the new ways of learning, so if you make mistakes or run into any issues, it’s okay! Just don’t start slacking or giving up. Reach out to people when you need help and together, you all can solve the problem. – Rosalynn K.

Tip #3: Create a Learning Environment

Remove yourself from environments that will hinder your ability to focus. I myself work best in an environment that is quiet and not too busy or chaotic. – Rosalynn K.

Find your own place to work that is not your bed. This helps you to realize that this space is only for work and it keeps you more focused. – Gracelyn G.


Tip #2: Create a Routine

Develop a strong & effective daily routine that is best styled to your preferences! – Tessa R.

Be aware of your screen time. Have a routine of work time and break time. Work a little, rest a little. Get up every few minutes to stretch and to give yourself a refresher. – Rosalynn K.

And, drumroll please…..

Tip #1: Use Your Time Wisely

Make a little to do list either the night before or the morning of so that you don’t have to try to keep all your assignments in your head – Gracelyn G.

Stay one week ahead! If you’re taking a VirtualSC course try to stay ahead because you never know what could occur, sometimes students have unplanned events that keep them from completing assignments that day. When you turn assignments in ahead of time you also have the opportunity to get early feedback from teachers. – Clifford B.

Do not procrastinate on assignments and work. Make sure you have a set schedule to finish everything you need to do before the due dates. – Beatriz R.

No procrastinating (easier said than done). Only listen to music that you know you won’t be distracted by. – Gracelyn G.

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