5 Strategies for Success in eLearning

By VirtualSC’s 2023-24 Student Advisory Board

The members of VirtualSC’s Student Advisory Board have a strong understanding of what it takes to learn online. These students from unique backgrounds have a variety of experiences with VirtualSC courses. Our team of Student Advisors have gathered their top strategies for success in an eLearning environment with the hopes that their tips will help other students enrolled in online courses:

Tip #1: Use Your Time Wisely

Consider using a timer when working on VirtualSC courses to avoid procrastination. – Grace L.

Don’t be afraid to try different methods, like timers, when you first start VirtualSC courses. Everyone’s time management is different. – Grace L.  screenshot-2023-10-04-124546

Procrastinating on online coursework is ineffective. – Nora B. 

Teachers provide pacing guides with recommended pacing for an online course. You can use these to manage your time. – Siddarth B. 

Remove any possible distractions (including cell phones) while working. This allows for focus. – Beatriz L. 

Tip #2: Create a Routine

Consider clustering your workload where you complete your online coursework on certain days of the week. – Siddarth B. & Kylie W.

A calendar and reminders are smart ways to keep up with your online assignments. – Kennedy R.

Downtime at school or at home can be really useful when completing VSC coursework. Even if it’s only 10-15 minutes, that time still counts! – Nora B. 

Use electronic calendars in your phone for consistent reminders or a notebook calendar to check on major assignments. – Beatriz L. 

Tip #3: Create a Learning Environment

Create a learning environment that works best for you. A quiet, well-lit space is what works best for me when completing online courses. – Beatriz L. 

Some people work well in a desk or study-like environment.


Tip #4: Communicate!

Digital communication is necessary when completing courses online. – Siddarth B. 

There is no such thing as a dumb question. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your teachers online. – Siddarth B. 

VirtualSC teachers want to push students toward their best work. Communicate with them! – Nora B. 

Tip #5: Use Your Time Wisely

Bookmark pages that are important for your online course for easy access and to stay organized. – Siddarth B. 

Use technology to locate outside articles on topics you’re interested in from your online course. – Nora B. 

Anyone can learn online by reading directions from the teacher and from VirtualSC. – Kennedy R. 

Save any VirtualSC resources (books, websites, study materials, etc.) about topics that relate to your class. – Beatriz L. 

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