Homeschool and Exceptional Learners

It is the responsibility of the parent to disclose any information about a student’s IEP, 504, or ELL plans to VirtualSC at the time of enrollment.  Accommodations can be provided in the classes, but services such as Speech/OT/PT are provided by the student’s home district or Home School Association.


Students with lapsed documentation for an IEP, 504, or ELL plan will be referred to their Home School Association or home district to seek an updated or current plan. Plans must be current for VirtualSC to offer accommodations. Parents are encouraged to review information about Child Find and consulting with their home district to determine steps for updating lapsed documentation.


VirtualSC and Homeschool Students with IEPs

VirtualSC, a program of the South Carolina Department of Education, is an academic option for students to take courses bearing high school credit. This includes students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP),  provided that online courses are an appropriate instructional delivery method for the individual student.

Before enrolling a student with a disability into one or more VirtualSC courses, the student’s IEP team must consider if online instructional delivery methods are appropriate for the student. The student’s IEP team should also determine whether or not the student’s accommodations can be provided through virtual learning.  For example, preferential seating close to the instructor or frequent redirections from the instructor are not appropriate accommodations for an online learning environment. It is highly recommended that the IEP team determine what accommodations would be suitable for an online learning environment and denote online accommodations clearly in the accommodations portion of the IEP.