Tips for Managing Stress as an Online Student


Stress management plays a key factor as it relates to a student being successful in an online course. When students can manage stress, they are more than likely to succeed in their online courses and be healthier and happier. In this article, students can find a few techniques for managing stress while enrolled in online classes.

1. Stay Organized. Staying organized can help a student tremendously while enrolled in online courses. Students should utilize various types of organizational resources to help them keep up with important dates and deadlines. Grabbing a notebook or using online planners can help students stay abreast and on pace with due dates.


2. Time Management. Online courses can open many opportunities for students to become distracted, especially if the student is taking classes away from school. Students should be highly cautious in managing their time. Students should plan how long they will spend focusing on their online courses and give themselves breaks in between classes. By doing so, the student will get into a routine of having a set schedule of when they will focus on their academics and when they need a break. Time management will also help with students becoming burnt out or overwhelmed with coursework.

3. The Two G’s. Get Enough Rest and Get Exercise. Getting enough rest and getting exercise can help with managing stress. Students need to make sure that they are getting adequate rest to have a clear mind so they will be able to focus on their courses. Additionally, frequently stepping outside to get in a walk or even taking some time to do yoga will aid in helping to keep the mind clear and leaving you refreshed.

4. Reach Out for Help if Needed. Juggling online courses can sometimes be an overwhelming experience for some students. If the student finds that they need outside help to cope with managing stress, they should reach out for help. Students should reach out to their teacher to speak with them about stress, but most importantly, speak with the School Counselor or other counseling services and resources.

VirtualSC’s School Counselor Katina Montgomery stated, “if any VirtualSC Student is feeling stress while taking online courses, then the student should contact their School Counselor at their school to discuss options and plans to help during their stressful moments.” Asking for help from professionals can help students manage stress by providing the student with resources and tools to manage stress effectively.


Written by: Sena Nickles, VirtualSC Upstate Outreach Coordinator

The Help desk for VirtualSC.

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