Teacher of the Year Denise Wright

Pictured from left to right – Bradley Mitchell, Molly Spearman, Denise Wright, Catayah Clark


Congratulations to Denise Wright for being selected as VirtualSC’s 2015 Teacher of the Year.  To be selected as the VirtualSC Teacher of the Year, the teacher must show that they are committed to excellence in the art of online teaching and show a passionate commitment to student success.  Additionally, the VirtualSC Teacher of the Year must be a proven teacher leader.  Denise exemplifies all of these characteristics and has proven her commitment to VirtualSC and to the students taking courses with her online.

Denise currently serves as a full time science teacher and science team leader.  She was chosen by VirtualSC staff as the 2015 Teacher of the Year because of her many accomplishments as an online teacher and her outstanding commitment to student success.  Denise builds a sense of community and engages regularly with students in her discussion forums and through short videos welcoming students to her course.  Additionally, Denise has shown a commitment to bringing her online courses to life for her students through many synchronous and live learning opportunities such as live online sessions, face-to-face meetings at the SC State Museum with her students, as well as many other engaging and interactive lessons and learning opportunities.

The video below demonstrates many of the reasons why Denise was chosen to represent VirtualSC as an outstanding Teacher of the Year for 2015.




Jason Rodgers is the Technology Coordinator for VirtualSC.

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