latin honor 1VirtualSC Latin teachers were able to identify many new Latin students in their courses who qualify for the National Latin Honor Society. National Latin Honor Society designation is an honor presented by the National Junior Classical League to those students who have shown excellent academic achievement in a Latin course and who exemplify the qualities of good citizenship.

According to the NJCL, membership in the NLHS demonstrates to colleges, universities and future employers that the student has gone above and beyond the standard requirements for high-school. Additionally, these students have the opportunity to qualify for several scholarships offered through the National Latin Honor Society. Colleges and scholarship programs look for students that show leadership skills and take initiative. Virtual SC is proud to congratulate the following students on their recent acceptance into the National Latin Honor Society.

Azure Allen                                              Corinne Vicario

Jade Gambill                                            Abigail Keating

Alex Kinley                                               Cina Patel

Brandon McCord                                      Khalid Jones

Cole Mulcahy                                            Kennedy Christmas

Gillian Pelletier







Bernardo Velasquez is a Student Services Coordinator for VirtualSC at the Office of Virtual Education.

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