VirtualSC Students Compete in SCRIBO Contest

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Every year, the national organization Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute holds a contest for students in Latin called SCRIBO. Contestants must write a Latin composition appropriate for their level, and they are judged on their composition’s grammatical and syntactical accuracy, choice of vocabulary, quality of work, and audience appeal. VirtualSC students who write compositions that meet these criteria are selected to compete in SCRIBO. For the 2018 year, these students are:


Latin 1: Hannah Martin, taught by Dr. Casey Moore

Latin 1b:  Walker Weaver, taught by Dr. Tracy Seiler

Latin 2: (all taught by Dr. Tracy Seiler)

Kenliegh Douglass

Jade Gambill

Kathryn Wilson

Latin 3: (all taught by Dr. Tracy Seiler)

AZ (Azure) Allen

Abby Keating

Weston Watts

We wish them luck in the national competition!




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