On Sunday, March 15, Governor McMaster ordered all South Carolina public schools to close until the end of March in response to the growing spread of COVID-19.  Please be advised that the governor’s order applies to public schools but does not apply to VirtualSC.  VirtualSC and its classes will remain open, and students enrolled in VirtualSC courses are expected to continue working according to the pacing guides their teachers have given them.

We recognize that some students may have legitimate access issues and may not have the technology required to complete coursework outside of school.  VirtualSC teachers remain committed to working with students during this difficult time, so students who are unable to complete coursework should contact their teachers to inform them of their situations.  With student equity and success as our primary goals,  those who do not have access to the required technology during the school closings will not be dropped from their courses.  Please contact your VirtualSC teacher with any questions or concerns you have about completing coursework.

The VirtualSC family is hoping for the health and safety of all of our students and stakeholders in the coming weeks.

Bradley Mitchell is the Director of the Office of Virtual Education at the South Carolina Department of Education.

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