Middle School Courses at VirtualSC


Looking to enroll in an online middle school course taught by South Carolina certified teachers? VirtualSC is now offering middle school courses!

VirtualSC is a supplemental program, not a school, which means students can take one or more courses with us as needed to round out their defined program at a South Carolina public or private school or a homeschooling association.

Current Course Offerings

VirtualSC offers a yearlong enrollment for Math (6,7,8), Science (6,7,8), Social Studies (6, 7) and English/Language Arts (6,7,8) and semester enrollments for a growing selection of elective courses.
Visit Current Course Offerings for a complete list of upcoming courses.

VirtualLearningLabs (VLL) for Schools

VirtualSC middle school courses are designed and instructed for individualized student enrollments. As a result, groups of students can not be guaranteed enrollment with the same teacher. Middle schools seeking grouped enrollments can explore Virtual Learning Labs to find out more about this unique opportunity.   

Faculty Spotlight

VirtualSC courses are instructed by highly qualified, South Carolina certified teachers. Our faculty consists of both full-time and part-time instructors. Our team of instructors is dedicated to helping students find their unique path to learning online and provide opportunities to collaborate with classmates. 

What students are saying!


My experience is great in this course because of the way it is set up. It is easy to maneuver around, and there is always a place to go to if I need help.


My teachers’ posted videos are helpful.


Everyone has been really nice and helpful. It has been a great experience so far.


My experience in this course is great because,  my teacher is readily available and promptly responds to my messages. Her feedback is also a great motivator.


This is a great program.


My experience in this course is great because I can redo the things I get bad grades on, and my teacher helps me on what I did wrong. 


My experience in this course is great because it was easy to get used to, and the lessons are entertaining and useful.


I look at the pacing guide to make sure I am on pace, and I study before exams.


I like that I can go back and do lessons again to understand better.


My teacher is very flexible and helps me understand my assignments, answer ANY questions I have, push back due dates, and makes it feel very laid back, but I still learn a lot. This helps me not to get stressed or overloaded.


Try your hardest on assignments and if you don't understand something reach out to your teacher.


Use your pacing guide, and work ahead if you can.