Virtual Learning Labs (VLLs)

Virtual Learning Labs provide a great opportunity to provide engaging, online curriculum to your students.

The purpose of a Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) is to provide an interactive, engaging online learning solution to South Carolina schools that may have limited abilities to offer courses due to staffing issues.

Courses offered by VirtualSC are aligned to South Carolina state standards and are taught by Highly Qualified educators who are licensed by the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE).

Students work on a virtual course in a lab setting, while a course facilitator at the school monitors students and provides classroom management. Instruction is provided both synchronously and asynchronously by the VirtualSC teacher and through the online course.

The Virtual Learning Lab Experience

Preparing for a Virtual Learning Lab

All schools that become VLLs must be able to provide:

  • Adequate space, updated computers, and a reliable internet connection.
  • A school-level coordinator to be in communication with VirtualSC’s Special Projects Coordinator.
  • A designated school counselor with an open line of communication to ensure student needs and accommodations are met and to assist with academic progress and integrity.
  • A lab monitor to ensure students are able to work in a safe and productive learning environment and to maintain the security of VirtualSC provided resources.
  • Students and parents who understand and agree to take part in this unique learning opportunity.

Approval of VLL application will be dependent upon the availability of teachers for the requested course(s) and the outcome of a school technology readiness assessment.

Virtual Learning Lab Implementation

Implementing a Virtual Learning Lab is a process that requires critical thought and planning. If your school is interested, please contact VirtualSC so that we can help you thoughtfully develop a plan to suit the needs of your students. If your school does not meet the requirements to participate in the Virtual Learning Lab program, we would like the opportunity to discuss other available solutions.   For more information or to get started on your Virtual Learning Lab journey, contact Sharon Dublin at (803) 734-3160 or at

Virtual Learning Lab


2020 - 2021

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