Live Session Policy (Non-Mastery Modern Language Courses)

Live sessions are a required component of many of VirtualSC’s World Languages courses.  These sessions provide students with an opportunity to develop proficiency in speaking the language, which is an integral part of second language acquisition.  Additionally, VirtualSC’s live sessions ensure students are constantly working towards meeting the SC World Language Standard that requires students to practice and be assessed on their ability to communicate verbally with others in the target language.  All students are expected to participate in live sessions.

Session Frequency

Practice and Interpersonal Live Sessions (assessments) are scheduled for each unit.  Students will have an opportunity to select their live session date and time at the start of the course.  For the remainder of the semester/year, students will be expected to attend live sessions on the date and time they selected. 

Session Grading

Live session performance is graded and is factored into the student’s overall course grade.  The live session percentage grade varies by course. Be sure to refer to the course syllabus for information on weighting. Students should be actively engaged in the session.

Session Attendance

Students who miss 2 or more consecutive Interpersonal Speaking Tasks will be withdrawn from the course regardless of whether or not they continue to submit assignments in the course.  Please note that this policy applies up to the cut-off date for withdrawals due to attendance violations for yearlong courses.

Make-up Sessions

Students will only be allowed to make up one interpersonal session per semester. Make ups must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the missed session. Students will not be allowed to make up practice sessions.  Students who miss practice sessions must watch the session recording and contact the language coach and teacher.  

Extenuating Circumstances

Exceptions to the above policies may be made based on submission of documentation for what VirtualSC deems to be extenuating circumstances.   **Students should contact their language coach or teacher if they have any questions or concerns about their live session attendance.


Updated 8/16/2021