Attendance Policy

VirtualSC (VSC) prides itself on student success. Therefore, our faculty and staff aim to design rigorous and engaging courses, provide quality instruction, and ensure that all students who start a course have the academic support they need to succeed. We recognize, however, that there are circumstances that may require a student to be removed from a course.

Student Responsibilities

Students should spend the first fourteen days of a course making sure that they are comfortable with the technology of online learning and that they are capable of successfully mastering the content. Please note that when taking an online class, students are responsible for maintaining consistent and reliable computer access. Our courses are accessible from any computer with high-speed internet access; therefore, computer/internet problems will not be accepted as reasons for delays in meeting course deadlines. Students should develop contingency plans to deal with potential situations that would prevent them from accessing their courses (e.g., identifying alternate locations with internet access, using backup computers, etc.).

Only through continuous communication and consistent work can students be successful in an online course. Within each course, the instructor outlines the weekly minimum work requirements in the pacing guide. It is essential that students maintain regular contact with their instructors and submit assignments on time. If circumstances arise that prevent students from maintaining the appropriate pace in their courses, it is critical that they communicate with their instructors.

VirtualSC Attendance Policy

  1. Regularly submitting work constitutes attendance in a VirtualSC course.  
  2. Students who, at any time, fail to submit work in an initial credit or credit recovery course for a consecutive fourteen calendar day period will be administratively withdrawn from the course.
  3. Withdrawals due to attendance violation will discontinue three weeks before the final exam, with the exception of yearlong courses, which will discontinue in mid-January.

Attendance Violations within the First Fourteen Days of a Course

These students will be designated as “Dropped_Grace" on the student's official grade report in the VirtualSC Dashboard (Genius). Being removed from a course in this way should not negatively affect a student's transcript or Grade Point Average (GPA) and should be recorded by the sponsoring school as Withdrawn Passing (WP) in accordance with the Uniform Grading Policy.

Attendance Violations after the First Fourteen Days of a Course

These students will be designated as “Dropped" in the VirtualSC Dashboard (Genius) and will show the drop reason as "Attendance Violation." Students that show "Dropped" for this reason should be recorded by the sponsoring school as Withdrawn Failing (WF) in accordance with the Uniform Grading Policy.