Home School Enrollment Policy

VirtualSC (VSC) is a supplemental program serving all students in grades 7-12 sponsored by their public, private, or homeschool. Home school students in South Carolina may enroll in VirtualSC courses to supplement their home school instruction. 

Student Advisement

VirtualSC is not a source of student course advisement - student progress toward graduation requirements is the responsibility of the Home School Association. Students and/or parents/guardians should seek assistance from their Home School Association regarding course advisement as needed.

Exceptional Learners

It is the parent’s responsibility to disclose any information about a student’s IEP, 504, or ELL plans to Virtual SC at the time of enrollment. Students with current IEP, 504, or ELL plans will need to submit the accommodations document to VirtualSC in the enrollment process. The information about needed accommodations will be provided to the teachers of the VirtualSC courses. Accommodations can be provided in the classes, but services such as Speech/OT/PT are provided by the student’s home district or Home School Association. If the accommodations listed are not compatible with an online learning model, there may be a need for an amendment to the document showing the accommodations that the student will be receiving in an online classroom instead of an in-person class.

Students with lapsed documentation for an IEP, 504, or ELL plan will be referred to their Home School Association or home district to seek an updated or current plan. Plans must be current for VirtualSC to offer accommodations. Parents are encouraged to review information regarding Child Find and consulting with their home district to determine steps for updating lapsed documentation.

Enrollment Requirements

South Carolina statutes provide parents/guardians with three different home school options, which must be identified by the student or parent/guardian and verified by the Student Services Team during the VSC student registration process. Affiliation with a Home School Association must be confirmed at the start of each new school year. The following are the minimum required steps for enrollment (additional information can be found on the Home School Registration Process Page):

  • The student or parent/guardian must complete the Proof of Affiliation Form. Failure to complete the Proof of Affiliation Form ahead of or during the registration window may result in the course request’s move into waitlist status and/or denial of the course request. 
    • All Proof of Affiliation forms and documentation may be subject to verification by the indicated Home School Association.
  • The student must create an account according to the VSC Registration Guide
  • Please note: Students enrolled in a virtual charter school do not fall under the category of home school, and therefore should not select Home School as the district or school. Doing so will delay the approval of the student’s course requests. 
  • The student must request courses in the VirtualSC Dashboard during the appropriate registration window.
    • Upon verification of the Home School Association, the Student Services Team will approve the course request, and the student will be added to the queue for course placement.

Note: VirtualSC is a supplemental program that offers courses on a first-come, first-served basis. Course placement is not guaranteed. Delays in the registration process relating to the verification of a student’s affiliation to a Home School Association will cause a delay in the course approval process and, therefore, may result in the student’s course request being moved to waitlist status and/or denied status.

Withdrawal Procedures

Homeschool students requesting withdrawal from a VSC course are subject to the VSC Withdrawal Policy. When a homeschool student submits a drop request, the sponsoring parent/guardian must email the VSC Home School Liaison to verify parent/guardian approval of the drop request. VSC will not process drop requests without this approval. 

Drop requests that are not verified by the parent/guardian by the end of the term will not be considered for processing. Once a final grade is issued at the end of the term, the drop request will be removed from the Dashboard.

Final Exam Proctors & Standardized Tests

In the case that a homeschool student is enrolled in a VSC course that requires a proctored final exam, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring homeschool parent/guardian to make the necessary arrangements for an appropriate exam proctor. Exam proctors must hold a South Carolina Educator Certificate and not be related to the student taking the exam. To receive approval for an exam proctor, the homeschool parent/guardian must submit the Proctor Verification Form no less than 2 days before the scheduled final exam (please refer to your student’s course pacing guide for information on the approved exam window). 

Homeschool students enrolled in a VSC course requiring a standardized test will have their exam administered by VirtualSC at a designated regional testing location.

Homeschool students and/or parents/guardians of students enrolled in a VSC Advanced Placement course are responsible for securing a testing date, time, and location for the AP exam. Students and/or their parents/guardians must contact AP Services to receive the contact information of AP Coordinators who have identified willingness to test outside students. Students should have several contingency plans for alternative testing sites either in their zoned district or nearby.

  • Please note that some schools or districts may charge a small fee to reserve a seat for AP testing.

Please contact your homeschool association for information about applying for ACT/SAT accommodations, as this is not done through VirtualSC.

Grade Reporting

Homeschool parent/guardians are responsible for accessing their student’s final grade report at the end of the course and submitting it to their Home School Association. Final grade reports may be accessed by using the following tutorial: How to Retrieve Final Grade Reports.