PLEASE NOTE: When downloading the browser plug-ins below, some websites may ask you to download additional software. You must choose “no” or un-check the box for the software if you do not wish to download additional content.

Browser Plug-ins — The most current versions are recommended

–          Acrobat Reader ( or a Browser that opens a PDF natively

Computer Requirements

–          1+ GHz machine, preferably running Windows 10+

–          If on a MAC then Intel chip, M1, or M2 running OSX 10.9+

–          Minimum of 10 GB free HDD space

–          A broadband connection, 3+ Mb/s, is strongly recommended. The connection should not have a changing IP mid-session, so TOR services and/or other multiple proxy services might disconnect from the LMS session.

–          Windows 7, 8 (Chrome, Firefox or Opera)

–          Windows 10 (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Opera)

–          Microsoft Office, Open Office or Google Docs/Drive (Some Computer courses require Microsoft Office which will be notated within course registration)

–          1+ GB RAM, preferably 4+ GB

–          Display setting 1024×768 resolution or higher

–          Students need a method to save work to a portable/re-writable medium (USB, cloud)

–          Audio: Sound card with speakers, microphone or headset


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