Student Tutorials

Below are some video tutorials to help you get started with VirtualSC.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Student Services at (803) 734-8039.

Check out our Registration Guide, which provides information on the process, from start to finish!

Creating a New Student Account

This tutorial shows you how to create your VirtualSC student account.  Click on the button below for a printable guide on setting up a new student account.

How to Request a Course

This video shows you how to request a VirtualSC course from your Student Dashboard.  Please click the button below for a printable guide on requesting courses.

How to Access Your Course

This tutorial shows you how to access your VirtualSC course once you have been enrolled.

How to Submit a Drop Request

This tutorial shows how to request a course withdrawal from within the VirtualSC student dashboard.  Remember that all course withdrawal requests must be approved by your School Counselor before they will be processed by VirtualSC.

How to Navigate Your VirtualSC Course

This tutorial shows how to navigate a VirtualSC course.  

Other helpful videos may be found at Student Course Tutorials