Reinstatement Policy

Initial Credit Courses               Credit Recovery Courses

Initial Credit Courses              

Initial Credit Reinstatements

The following requirements will apply to students withdrawn from initial credit courses, requesting reinstatment:

  • Only one reinstatement will be allowed per course per term.
  • Students who have been withdrawn for any reason, except withdrawals due to Academic Integrity or Code of Conduct Violations, can be reinstated within 7 calendar days of the withdrawal date with a request for reinstatement from their sponsoring School Counselor along with a submitted Course Reinstatement Plan (see plan template below). The request, along with the Reinstatement Plan should be emailed to both the teacher and the Student Services Team at Note: A Reinstatement Plan submitted for a summer course may be submitted with only a student and parent signature.
  • The initial day of withdrawal will start the seven-day timeline for request submission. In other words, the withdrawal date is day 1 of the 7 calendar days. After 7 calendar days from the date of the withdrawal, the student will no longer be reinstated into a course for any reason and will need to re-enroll in the course in a future enrollment period. Students are allowed one reinstatement per course per term.
  • Students submitting a reinstatement plan that requires revision must submit the revised reinstatement plan, per the teacher's feedback and instruction, within 48 hours. Revised plans submitted beyond the 48 hour deadline will not be considered for reinstatement.
  • Students withdrawn from more than one course for inactivity must submit one reinstatement plan per course.
  • Students who have been withdrawn by their sponsoring School Counselor may request reinstatement into a course by contacting their School Counselor directly, who will ask for the reinstatement on behalf of the student. School Counselors may request to have a student reinstated into any course within 7 calendar days of the student's withdrawal from the course. After 7 calendar days the student will no longer be reinstated into a course and will need to re-enroll in a future enrollment period.
  • Reinstatement will not be permitted within three weeks of the final exam, with the exception of yearlong (Sept-May) courses that will discontinue reinstatement eligibility in mid-January.

Course Reinstatement Plan

Credit Recovery Courses

Credit Recovery Reinstatements

Students who have been withdrawn from a Credit Recovery course for any reason  will need to re-request the desired course through the VirtualSC Dashboard.

Note:  Credit Recovery courses are offered on a modified rolling enrollment basis and begin every Monday until the Credit Recovery Enrollment Period ends. Please review our Dates and Deadlines for more information on the Credit Recovery Enrollment Period.  A student may request a new enrollment into a credit recovery course at any time until the CR Enrollment Period ends.  Upon having the request approved by their sponsoring school counselors, they will be enrolled and can begin on the next available start date. There is no guarantee that previously completed coursework can be recovered, so the student may need to start the course from the beginning.