Homeschool Approval Process

Home school students in South Carolina may enroll in VirtualSC courses to supplement their home school instruction. South Carolina statutes provide parents or guardians with three different home school options which must be identified by the student during the VirtualSC student registration process:

Option One: Parents home school their children under the auspices of a South Carolina public school district, if approved by the school district board of trustees.

Option Two: Parents home school their children with the support of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools.

Option Three: Parents home school their children with the support of a South Carolina home school association which has no fewer than fifty members and meets the home school requirements.

In addition, home school students must provide VirtualSC with proof of affiliation to one of the three above options on a yearly basis during the registration period. VirtualSC must receive this documentation within 72 hours of a student’s course request.

Since all VirtualSC courses must be approved for enrollment by a school sponsor or counselor, home school students affiliated with Option One may receive this approval from their respective school district. Home school students affiliated with Option Two and Option Three will receive course approval from VirtualSC on the behalf of the parent/guardian. Course approval issued by VirtualSC will be based upon the proof of affiliation provided by the parent/guardian. All home school students must submit proof of affiliation each school/academic year to VirtualSC by filling out a Proof of Affiliation Form

Questions about VirtualSC registration for your home school student? Contact Kristin VanRynn Student Services Coordinator, at 803-734-8405 or by email at