Grade Dispute Policy

VirtualSC has in place rigorous, clearly defined content, assignments and assessments for all online courses. Students are responsible for constant and timely communication with the teacher regarding grades, feedback and questions on assignments.  VirtualSC teachers are professionals and have the authority to issue grades and provide feedback on all assignments completed within the online course.

When disagreements or misunderstandings arise between a VirtualSC teacher and student, parent, and/or School Counselor/Sponsor regarding an assignment, assessment or final course grade, the parties involved should first communicate directly with the teacher to resolve the issue directly. If a resolution is not reached, the final grade reported can be appealed to the Director of the Office of Virtual Education. The appeal should be submitted in writing no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the grade was issued.

A parent, legal guardian or School Counselor/School Sponsor must submit an appeal in writing. To appeal a grade, the parent, guardian or School Counselor/School Sponsor should send an email to This email should state that the grade is being formally appealed. The email should describe, in as much detail as possible, the specific reasons the reported grade is inaccurate. References to particular assignments that may have the incorrect grade reported can prove helpful. Additionally, any relevant documents such as email correspondence should be included, which should include correspondence with the teacher regarding the grade in question and the teacher’s response. The sender of the appeal will receive a response within one business day acknowledging the receipt of the appeal. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, the person who filed the appeal will receive notice of the findings.  The Director will render a decision on the matter within 15 business days after receipt of the appeal.  The decision and the reasons will be in writing and sent directly to the appellate with copies sent to appropriate VirtualSC staff and the student’s School Counselor.  The decision of the Director is final and no further appeals will be accepted.

Grade disputes that are received or appealed more than thirty (30) calendar days after the grade was issued will not be investigated and the grade will be considered final with no further appeal. Once a course closes, students, parents, and facilitators may no longer have access to any material or assignments in the course. Courses will not be reopened for an appeal.