Extension Policy

VirtualSC instructors and administrators strongly recommend that all students complete their online courses by the deadline of each given term in which the student is enrolled by following the course pacing guide.  In the event that a student is unable to complete the course in the given time, an extension request may be submitted.

Course requests that meet the following conditions will be granted a maximum three week initial extension beyond the end of the course:

  1. The student must have 70% of the required course instructional units completed at the time of the extension request.
  2. The student must be actively engaged in the course (weekly attendance, completed activities in the last week, regular communication with the instructor, etc)
  3. Extensions requests must be submitted to VirtualSC by the student’s School Counselor.  Students should follow these steps to initiate the extension request process.
    • The request for an extension must be received prior to the first day of exams for the term.
    • The student, parent/guardian, and School Counselor must write, agree to, and submit a signed course completion plan that explicitly documents the student’s plan to complete the course within the extension time frame (up to 3 weeks).  See example student course completion plan below.
    • Send the extension request with the signed course completion plan to the teacher and student services team at virtualsc@ed.sc.gov prior to the first day of final exams.
  4. Extensions may be initially granted for up to three weeks.  There will be a monitoring review at the end of the first week.  If progress has not been made or the submitted course completion plan has not been followed, the extension may be terminated with no right to appeal for an additional extension of time.
  5. No additional extension requests will be approved without an extenuating circumstance (subject to verification).
  6. NOTE: No extensions will be granted during the summer term due to end of the year maintenance and preparation for the fall session. 

Example Student Course Completion Plan