Skills Recovery

Online support for students struggling in ELA and math.

Update:  Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, the Skills Recovery Resources will be available at no cost as part of the VirtualSC Franchise Program.  If you are interested in learning more about the Franchise Program, click here.

A webinar detailing our Skills Recovery resources took place on May 7th at 2:00 PM. To watch the recording of the webinar, please click here.

VirtualSC now offers free English language arts (ELA) and math skills recovery resources to middle and high schools.

Both the ELA and math resources are standards aligned, mastery based, and provide a personalized learning experience based upon each student’s current level of skill and understanding. In addition, they are available to schools to use in the manner that best suits the needs of their students. For this reason, these resources are not provided with a VirtualSC teacher. Instead, VirtualSC will provide the following:

  • Free online curricula
  • Administrative support for troubleshooting
  • Free training for your school’s teachers and staff

Math Resources in EdReady (Grades 6-12)

Although students will access their math curriculum through the VirtualSC Dashboard & Moodle, these resources are offered through a platform called EdReady.   Students will login to their VirtualSC Dashboard, and navigate to Moodle, where they will find their EdReady material. In EdReady, students work towards specific goals chosen by their school.  Each student will enter a code for the goal appropriate for them and then take an assessment of their math skills.  Based on this assessment, students will be assigned a personalized study plan that will allow them to work towards their goal.


ELA Resources in Moodle (Grades 6-8)

ELA skills recovery resources have been developed by VirtualSC and are offered in the same format as VirtualSC courses.  The ELA skills recovery curricula are designed to personalize the experience of each student based on their individual needs. Each grade level's material is divided into topics.  Each topic contains several lessons and a benchmark test.  Instead of pre-assessments, the student experience is personalized by tailoring the lessons to each student’s skill level. Students who answer questions correctly move quickly through lessons, while those who cannot answer questions correctly are sent to the content that will help them understand and master the material.  The ELA resources also contain writing assignments that will need to be teacher graded, if used.


VirtualSC does not mandate how students are monitored in the skills recovery resources. These resources were designed to help schools meet the needs of their students and thus, schools should consider the best way to use these resources with their particular students.  VirtualSC staff will be happy to discuss best practices with interested schools.  The Skills Recovery Resources are available to all Franchise Programs at no cost and are no longer available outside of the Franchise Program as a stand-alone resource to schools.

If your school or district is interested in utilizing our Skills Recovery resources, click here to learn more about setting up a Franchise Program in your district or contact Courtney Howard at or (803) 734-0142 for more information on starting a franchise with VirtualSC.

VirtualSC Skills Recovery Offers:

Free Resources for Students

Utilize a free online learning solution to assist students struggling in ELA and Math.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Students can access their materials 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Flexible Learning

Students navigate through skills recovery resources at their own pace, or at the pace defined by your school.