Home School Resources

All home school students requesting courses with VirtualSC must belong to one of the three Home Schooling Options, as determined by S.C. Code Ann §59-65-40, §59-65-45 and 59-65-47: Option One allows the parents to home school their children under the auspices of a school district, if approved by the board of trustees. Under Option Two, parents may home school their children with the support of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools. In Option Three, parents may choose a home school association which has no fewer than fifty members and meets the home school requirements. The parents or guardians select the particular home schooling option that is best for the children.

Below you will find some important resources for home schools seeking to sponsor VirtualSC students:

South Carolina Department of Education - Home School Information Page: Home school parents and student will find important information on the legislation corresponding to home schools, as well as contact information for Home Schooling Option 2 and a comprehensive directory of Option 3 Home School associations. This site also includes a FAQ on various home school-related topics.

South Carolina Department of Education - End of Course Examination Information Page: All students taking EOC courses (Algebra 1, English 1, U.S. History and the Constitution, and Biology 1) with Virtual SC, including home school students, must take the state-mandated End-Of-Course Examination.  This page will provide you with important information regarding these exams.

South Carolina Department of Education - District Test Coordinator Information Page: Home School students taking EOC courses must take their End-of-course-Examination in the public school district where they are zoned. This page includes a comprehensive directory of district testing coordinators, who can aid home school parents in scheduling End-of-Course Examinations.

ProctorU: All students taking courses with VirtualSC, including home school students, must take live-proctored final exams. VirtualSC home school students have the option of taking their final exams through ProctorU. ProctorU is an online, live-proctoring system in which students are proctored remotely via webcam. Please keep in mind that ProctorU is a third party and charges a fee for their services.