ELL Policy

VirtualSC (VSC) is an option for students who are learning English and who wish to take courses for high school credit, provided online courses are an appropriate placement for them. To ensure that VSC serves students who are learning English in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as clarified by Lau v Nichols and other Supreme Court decisions, we have developed the following guidelines:

  1. While it is the responsibility of the student’s home school to ensure that online learning is an appropriate placement and the accommodations outlined in ESOL documents are met, VSC will be proactive in identifying students who are ELLs, obtaining accommodations documents from the student’s home school, and working with the student to meet all appropriate accommodations.
  1. The ELL accommodations document (provided by the sponsor school) should indicate that virtual schooling is an appropriate placement for the student and approval for online learning should be written into that document. The student’s sponsor school should have a system in place to ensure that follow-up meetings occur in a timely manner to facilitate the success of the ELL student while he/she is enrolled in VSC.
  1. The ELL accommodations document should upload into the VirtualSC Dashboard when the school counselor approves a course for an ELL student. The form will then be shared with the student’s teacher(s) once a classroom is assigned. When the teacher receives the ELL document, he/she will review it and make accommodations that are relevant to the online classroom.
  1. If a student’s accommodations call for extended time on assignments, the fact that a student may work in an online course 24/7 does not meet this accommodation. Consequently, the teacher will extend due dates if an extension is needed. The teacher may set a time limit on such extensions. For example, he/she may give the student an additional week to complete an assignment.
  1. The school district is responsible for any hardware or software accommodations necessary for the student to access the course.